Hatena Haiku Form Fill-in Feature


Hatena Haiku Form Fill-in Feature

Note on this document

This document describes the Hatena Haiku Form Fill-in Feature, which can be used to open Hatena Haiku pages with the entry-posting forms filled-in by the specified texts.

Entry-posting form URLs

URLs of pages with entry-posting forms, such as:

  • http://h.hatena.com/ (Recent Entries)
  • http://h.hatena.com/{Hatena ID}/ (User page)
  • http://h.hatena.com/keyword/{Keyword} (Keyword page)
  • http://h.hatena.com/{Hatena ID}/{Entry ID} (Entry page)

... can contain query parameters to fill-in form fields by their values. The available query parameters include:

wordNew in Version 1.1 KeywordAt most one (1)
bodyNew in Version 1.1 BodyAt most one (1)
inputModeAt most one (1)
_charset_Fixed value utf-8One (1) - REQUIRED

Both of keyword and body MUST be encoded in UTF-8.

The input parameter specifies the initial mode for the entry form. It might be ignored dependng on the client device or Web browser. Following values are available:

text Text input mode (default)
draw Drawing mode
webcam Web camera mode



This URL would open the Recent Entries (or top) page of Hatena Haiku with its posting form's body field “Hello, World!”.

Since Hatena Haiku automatically redirects users to appropriate page when they are accessing from mobile phones, you don't have to specify device type such as /touch/ in URLs.

Entry-posting button

If you would like to link to the entry form of Hatena Haiku, you can use the button image http://h.hatena.com/images/haiku-button.png (http://h.hatena.com/images/haiku-button.png).

For example, an HTML fragment:

<a href="http://h.hatena.com/?body=8107%20819"><img src="http://h.hatena.com/images/haiku-button.png" alt="Haiku!" title="Post to Hatena Haiku"></a>

... would be rendered as:



  • 24 December 2010 Published.
  • 14 February 2011 Added parameter input and button image.